Monday, February 23, 2015

Cross it Off. Be Happy.

Being a better steward of my time is something I really need to work on. Since I'm at home pretty much 24/7 and never have visitors, I tend to put stuff off. While reading my Bible this week, I read a scripture that captured how I want to live my life. Proverbs 10.  I feel like I'm learning these things too late in life. Is it because I feel my days are numbered? For whatever reason, I hope I can be a better version of myself in the end,

-Make bread and deliver to a friend that had surgery
-Plant basil, Swiss chard, strawberries, and zinnias
-give my dog a bath
-Return a pair of shoes that don't fit
-Read my Bible daily, no matter how rushed things get
-Take pictures for my blog

Meal Plans for the Week
-grilled pork chops with baked potatoes
-grilled chicken and pasta salad
-chicken noodle soup
-sloppy joe tacos
-chicken salad crescent rolls with veggies and ranch
-crockpot lasagna
-Mexican out Friday

Breakfast will be either
-English muffins with sausage, egg, cheese, and spinach omelets
-Raisin and spice oatmeal

Lunches will be

Things I Need to Add to My Pantry When I Find a Deal
-Shave gel
-Fabric softener sheets
-Food dehydrator

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Frugal and Not So Frugal Postings for February 22, 2015

This week has been very slow. The weather here in Georgia has been colder than normal. I think we broke record lows 3 days this week. I realized Friday I had not driven my truck in 8 days. It has just been too cold for me to want to go anywhere. And it needed fuel, so I knew if I went anywhere it would mean standing in the cold to pump diesel. Because I never left the house, this is a very boring week. I also think I fell more on the non-frugal side this week.

-Made breakfast and lunches for husband and daughter.
-For supper we had baked chicken with a BBQ rub, baked potatoes, butterbeans, and cornbread.

-Made breakfast for husband and daughter.
-Finished my daughter's taxes
-Did a Kroger survey for 50 fuel points
-For supper we had chicken soup

-My daughter started another day of clinicals so I had to get up at 4:30 to make her breakfast and then made husband's when he got up.
-did not make lunches. New clinical for daughter and she didn't know if she would have anywhere to store a lunch and husband wanted to go out for lunch with the guys for a hot lunch. He works outside and it was about 43 and windy today.
-This was my bad day. Zulily ( had their Youth size TOMS for $23.99. They are normally $38-42 per pair. This is the only shoes I have found that do not hurt my foot that was crushed in an accident 15 years ago. I wear them daily and they normally last me from 6-8 months per pair.
-I also ordered an electric throw to cover my legs while I am sitting. The cold really makes me hurt. And I ordered my husband a pair of running shoes at the same time. They were on clearance, I had a 30% off coupon, free shipping, and I will get a $10 Kohl's Cash from the order.
-my daughter has the crud my husband had last week. She went to the doctor when she finished clinicals today. Might as well get all the spending over with in one day.
-for supper we had homemade fajitas and Mexican rice. I'm still trying to get this fajita making down. It needs work. They are good, but not like what we get at the restaurant.
-free magazine in the mail

-breakfast for daughter -lunch for daughter. Again, very cold with a high of 36 and windy. Husband went out for lunch.
-leftovers of taco soup, chicken soup, and some spaghetti from the freezer for supper.
-returned 2 items to Amazon that weren't what I needed after they got here.
-paid bills for this week online except the one that did not have that option

-loaded Kroger free item to card. I also won during this week a 5pk of Kraft mac & cheese and an Oscar Mayer P3 form an instant win game for Kroger.
-husband took us out for our normal Friday night out to eat.
-filled daughter's car up for $20

-finally had to cave and go to the store. Picked up my free items at Kroger along with some bread, milk, and grape jelly.
-used fuel points to fill my truck up at $.40 off per gallon. A tank normally last me about a month
-went to Lowe's with my husband and then to Hobby Lobby to get something Spring/Summer for my doors
-husband took me on  'date' for chicken wings

-Publix for sandwich meat and a few things they had on sale. Grabbed a box of deli chicken tenders to go with our free mac & cheese for lunch
-planted some onions
-homemade white chicken pizza for supper

I hope everyone has a great week. The weather here has been crazy. We started off with some record lows and Sunday it was 73 and raining. I really hope we are about done with the freezing weather because I'm so excited to finish planting my garden. Husband has even mentioned getting us a couple of blueberry and blackberry plants.

Eat chocolate and pray!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My first frugal week posting.

Since this is my first post and it's the end of the second week of February, I will back up and add things from the first week also. This week has felt extremely long. I almost feel like this month should be over by now. Maybe it's that I'm looking forward to gathering my first salad from my small garden I have started, that I am trying to rush the time along.
So far this month, my frugal accomplishment have been

*Rented 4 movies for free
*Watered my small garden once from saved water. It has rained enough I haven't had to water.
*Made lunches for husband and daughter for work and school.
*cooked a turkey breast for lunch sandwiches and used some of it for turkey noodle soup, turkey and rice and have a bag of turkey stock and turkey bits in the freezer for another meal.
*combined errands so I left the house left often and drove less.
*used some Kohl's Cash before it expired with a 30% off coupon and a small gift card to purchase a marked down cutting board, ceramic berry basket, and a 4 cup glass measuring cup. No out of pocket expense. In fact there was $2.62 left on the card and the cashier gave it back to me in cash.
*cashed in$9 worth of lottery tickets (I did not purchase them, they were give to me)
*made homemade bread twice.
*cooked almost all meals. My husband takes us to eat Mexican every Friday. It is his way of saying thank you for all I do. We have a discount card we purchased last year from a fundraiser for $10. We save 10% each time we use it, so it has more than paid for itself.
*went to thrift store located next door to coffee shop where I attend Bible study (I do not purchase anything while I am there) and found an item on my want/need list. A Tupperware salad spinner for $3.03. From what I saw online it normally sold for about $35. Also found a hushpuppy maker for $3.03. We already have one, but sometimes we do huge fish fries and having an extra one will help.

My not so frugal moments :(
*Picked up Pampered Chef scraper/spatula things I ordered. They are rather expensive, but the two I have are splitting and I have had them well over 10 years now.
*just wasn't feeling up to cooking one day. The cold had my legs aching so I ordered Dominos. I did use a 50% off coupon.

I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out. I'm also not sure how I want these post to look. So hang on while I get a handle on this.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Kroger Friday Freebie

Don't forget to head over to and load your coupon for today's freebie.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Head over to  and get a coupon for free Reese's. Enjoy.

How it all started

Never underestimate the power of a classic car. That's how it all started back in the fall of 1987. A classic Camaro drove the school parking lot before classes started. It caught my attention. Then I saw that there was a handsome guy driving it. We attended different schools so it took me several weeks to find out just who this mystery guy was. We married in the Spring of 1991 and had our beautiful daughter in the Summer of 1994.
We are heading into a new season in our lives. Coming up on 24 years of marriage and our daughter will be completing nursing school in 2016. I have not been able to work since April 2000, when a drunk driver hit me head on and I sustained serious injuries to both legs and right foot. It took a year of therapy just to walk again.
I know I need to get a better handle on my household duties. Including cleaning, cooking, and budgeting. This blog is to help hold me accountable for these things. You will hear the good AND the bad. I am human. I know I will mess up. But I hope through this and suggestions from friends and other bloggers, I can learn to be a better steward. I hope to be able to share more ways I saved our family money than I spent.
Please join me in this journey. Encourage me with kind words and prayers. I will start posting my weekly accomplishments and to do list starting next week. Along with encouraging thoughts and quotes. And if I run across a great deal, I will share it with you.
Eat chocolate and pray.
Janell in Georgia