Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happenings Around the House

Again this past week I have been helping a family member so it has kept me away from the house. A normal week for me is
Sunday-church and maybe the grocery store
Monday-home all day
Tuesday-I may run to the store to get an item or two before the sale ends
Wednesday-home all day
Thursday-Bible study group, errands in the larger town, if needed, since I'm close, grocery shopping, and bank.
Friday-home all day and out to eat that evening with my husband and daughter.
Saturday-grocery store for sandwich meat and fruit for lunches the next week. Some weeks I wait until Sunday after church.

I did manage to stick to a meal plan for the most part. Although Thursday I had a slight stomach bug and did not cook.

Since I have had other obligations this week, I needed to make a trip to the larger town to a couple of stores we don't have here. And let me just say. I.HATE.GOING.THERE.ON.A.SATURDAY. The traffic is unreal. I prefer my small town any day.

We had our first salad from my little garden this week. And I found out I do not like arugula. AT.ALL. I mean, to the point I went out and pulled it out of my garden.

That's really about all I did this past week and I have a feeling this week will be about the same.
Hope everyone has a good week.
Eat chocolate and pray.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last Weeks Accomplishments

Some weeks you just have to throw your hands up and go with the flow. This past week was one of those weeks. We are very close to both mine and my husband's family. I have one brother and his family that live in another state. Other than that, we pretty much all live within an hours drive of each other and most live within a 20 mile radius. Since we are all close, when someone calls and needs help, we help. That has been the case this week and will probably continue for a couple of more weeks. But that is okay. I would do most anything for my family. And if my house doesn't get dusted or we have to eat a Tuesday night pizza special, that is what we do.
Looking back at last week's list of things to do, I bathed the dog. Twice. Yep, that's it. It rained for several days so every time she went out to potty, she came in dirty with that semi-long Yorkie hair.
I did manage to stick to the meal plan too. I will pick back up with my blogging after I complete my other obligations.
Have a great week everyone.
Eat chocolate and pray.