Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Honest Post

I have suffered from depression since I was about sixteen. I had hoped it was hormones and would eventually leave me. This was not the case. In fact, it got worse. Since the accident I was involved in 15 years ago, I have also added panic attacks to my problems. Some days it is a struggle to leave the bed. Whether it is the pain or the depression depends on the day. I have found if I write down things I need to do, I am more likely to do them. Just having a list makes me feel more committed.  No one may ever see the list besides me, but it helps all the same.
I have a couple of trouble spots in my house. It seems everything gets thrown there when we walk in the door. I am hoping by openly admitting this problem, it will help me deal with it.
I have 'change table cloth' on my to-do list this week. It is there because in order to change it, I must clean the table off.
Say a prayer and wish me luck. I will post a new picture later.


  1. May God bless you and your efforts Janelle. Hugs, Angela