Monday, May 11, 2015

Such a Slacker

Why is it so hard for me to sit down and type up a few words on how my week has gone? I think one of the main reasons is it makes me take a hard look at what I have and have not accomplished. Mostly what I have not accomplished and then I feel like a failure.

I was determined to use up food this week and not have a "ton" to throw out before I headed to the grocery store. The three of us can hardly use all of the lettuce and cucumber before it goes bad. We all love salads but our stomachs can only handle so much roughage. My husband prefers iceberg lettuce, while my daughter and I prefer a mixture of iceberg and green leaf in our salad. I need to find someone to split them with. I did much better than in past weeks. I had less than half a cucumber become mushy and a handful of the iceberg turned brown. The other item I have a problem using before it becomes stale is bread. I also had a bunch of celery that had been in my refrigerator for a while. I read that it can be rooted and grown. I decided to give it a shot. I think it will have enough roots to plant this week. I swear the roots and leaves appeared overnight. My husband laughed when I took pictures two nights in a row because I could not believe how fast it was growing.

I did not make a meal plan last week and it showed. Planning ahead is a must for me but when I ask my family what they want, nine times out of ten their answer will be "I don't care" and I get so tired of deciding. This week it backfired on them and they were forced to eat meals I wanted.

-beef tips with rice and butterbeans
-turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce and leftover butterbeans
-stir fry that included peppers, onions, a small thinly sliced steak, black beans, and leftover corn I cut off the cob with some fajita seasoning served over whole wheat pasta
-Tuesday night my daughter and I ate supper at my brother and SIL's. Hubby worked late. We had hamburgers, corn on the cob, French fries, slaw, and birthday cake from Cold Stone for my SIL's birthday. She send me home with a couple of leftover burgers and corn for my husband. That is where the corn came in for the sir fry.

I am happy to report operation Keep the Table and Microwave Clear has been somewhat successful. I decided if I had something on the microwave there would not be anywhere to place random items. As you can see, I added a metal tray with jars of spices. My spice jars were in a cabinet, behind the sugar, tea, and cornmeal jars. Every time I needed something, I had to take them all down. There are labels on top of the lids so I can see what I need and this seems to be working so far. The table is another story. I had done pretty good (if I could get the others to not pile their stuff on it) with it until this weekend. Husband came in with a bag of Vidalia onions someone gave him, I purchased quite a few soft drinks at Kroger using the 'buy 4, save $2' coupon, AND I got the ice cream maker out to use some of the fresh strawberries I purchased Sunday. All this will be cleared off today. And we will not discuss the frugal fail of purchasing 6 buckets of strawberries at the strawberry patch for Mother's Day gifts. If you could just smell them, you would understand why they are well worth the extra money versus the ones in the grocery stores.

I passed this store on my drive to get the strawberries. A blogger I follow has mentioned having a booth here. I had no idea where it was located. I was stopped at a red light and noticed it.

Today I will be making strawberry ice cream and tacos. We will discuss meal plans over supper for the rest of the week so I can make sure I have all necessary items. I hope everyone has a great week. I have to say I'm a little jealous of the cooler weather my friends in Nevada, Colorado, and California are getting this week.


  1. Yes here in California we did enjoy the cooler weather for sure! My friend in Ohio said her Mothers day was 96 degrees there! We had rain last week and they say we may have it at the end of this week. :) I enjoy your blog and also your comments at Terri's. My hot spot is around my chair in the front room. Books everywhere. Every house has hot spots they are just different places for everyone. It is like that spot grows stuff to fill itself!! It happens so fast! :-))) Sarah

  2. The strawberries do look delicious! I never seem to buy them in town but I do buy the peaches (owned by same family) each year.

    "My" store is down two blocks next to the railroad trackes in the old Hardware store. The store at the red light is the husband half and my store is run by the wife half.

    1. It still seems funny to go straight at that red light. I want to turn right. And I was so excited I saw the store. They are just trying to confuse me. I hardly ever go that way to my parent's farm place. It was the most direct way from where I grew up but now I go 26 to 240.

  3. Hi..i know exactly what you mean about blogging..i have started one and all week i have plans to do it..but i will start to do it more and more..the strawberries look delicious..we had some for tea last week with cream hot spot is near my little table in the living room..all my books and glasses and bits and bobs are on it..will have to sort it out..
    enjoy your week

  4. Been thinking about how you said you feel such a slacker for not getting things done. Nor do I get things done all the time. I meant to take the flower pots off th back porch last fall...and there they sat until last week when I decided before I went on vacation I'd do that job or bust. Honestly, there are things that none of us seem to ever get to. And when we do, there's something that doesn't get done that we'd normally have hit at.